I’m a sex and intimacy coach. I believe everyone can have more delight and ease in their sexuality.

What does it mean to love your sexuality?

  • Having connected and fun sex with a partner (or yourself!)

  • Finding a greater sense of pleasure and ease with intimacy (including with friends)

  • Overcoming shame around your sexual desires

  • Truly believing that sex is normal, healthy and fun

  • Enjoying the wonderful sensations that sexuality can bring into your life

  • Letting go of judgement about sex and how you express yourself sexually

  • Feeling empowered to create sexual experiences you desire

About Me

My name is Aimee Weitzman (I also go by Amy, that’s me too!) and I’m a sex and intimacy coach. If you’re ready to learn to love your sexuality, you’re in the right place. I bring non-judgement, creativity, and celebration to this topic. My clients know they can talk to me about anything.

Who are my clients?

Clients come to me for many different reasons: to overcome a fear of rejection, to better understand their desires, to identify and explore what feels good for them, or to find the courage to request what they want from a partner are some examples. Perhaps they don’t feel as sexy as they want to and need support to overcome self-judgement or other barriers to feeling desirable.

Clients may also be struggling in their relationship regarding differences in sexual desires, frequency, and other needs. I love helping clients navigate delicate issues like these to improve intimacy and sex in their relationship.

I work with anyone looking for more comfort and delight in their sexuality, no matter their age, gender, or relationship status. I enjoy working with singles, as well as people in partnerships. My clients are both men and women, as I believe that everyone needs access to this support. I also have awareness and openness to non-monogamous, open, and polyamorous communities.

My Training

I’ve completed CTI’s Co-Active Coach® Training, as well as have six years of experience participating in and leading workshops focused on healthy intimacy and sexuality. This work has taught me how to connect people to the deep and wise parts of themselves, as well as how to challenge people in a gentle and safe way that honors the sacredness of this intimate topic. When I’m not coaching, I conduct private expressive arts therapy workshops for small groups and teams.